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Riverside Puppies

Photo Gallery

Bland's Barbecue.... Bland's Barbecue.... Balee Balee enjoying a hot summer day outside in PA. 148829060 Morgan and Uncle Tom Morgan being a punk...She loves to constantly pick on her Uncle Tom ( Tom is Franks brother) 148829061 Miss Balee Mommy's Little girl out in the hot summer sun.... 148829062 Trouble.... The whole clan together.... Pictured at the top is Frank and Balee... Far left is John Bland (Frank's Uncle) Middle is Tom Bland (Frank's Dad) and far right is Tom ( Frank's Brother).. These guys together is nothing but trouble...LOL 148829063 Balee again 148829064 The Bland's Frank's dad (Tom Bland) and Frank's Stepmother (Donna Bland) 148829065 Franka nd Tom Smiling for the Camera 148829066 Enjoying the day Upper picture...Frank, Balee and Morgan Lower picture is Frank, Balee, and Tom 148829067 Morgan up to no good!!!!!! 148829068 John and Linda Bland Frank's Aunt and Uncle..... 148829595 John and Linda Bland 148829596 Tom and Donna Bland 148829597 Our Gang.... Frank, Trish, Mo, and Balee...Baby Grant is hanging out in my belly...At this time we still have not told anyone that we were pregnant...We were waiting for the big surprise to find out the sex of the baby.... 148829598 Frank and Balee Daddy's little girl.... 148829599 Tom, Teresa and Balee Tom and Teresa holding Balee.... 148829600 Another picture of that darling Balee 148829601 Teresa and Morgan.... Teresa is my sister-in-law...(Tom's wife) Her and Morgan goofing around at the barbecue.... 148829602 Barb, Donna and Balee Barb (sister-in-law Frank's step sister) Donna, and Balee enjoying a nice relaxing evening at the Bland's. We all get together every year for this tradition. 148829493 Tom, Don and Lucy... The upper picture to the far left is Tom Bland at the grill...We tease him every year about having thick raw bloody burgers...But I have to say he cooks the perfect for me...No complaints from me Tom!!!!! Far right is Don (Donna's father) and the bottom is Lucy (Donna's Mother) 148829494 Donna and Balee Balee is getting use to first she was skeptical about going to anyone but she took to Donna quickly... 148829495 Donna and Balee 148829496 My Balee 148829497 My Wonderful Husband.... Stuffin his face....Good eats will always draw him to the kitchen. Love U Babe....:) 148829498 John and Teresa.... Both enjoying a fun-filled barbecue at the Bland's 148829499 Funniest Picture of all..... Check this out Tom.....I know we always make wise cracks and jokes about grilling those burgers....and you know if we did not it would not be a barbecue without doing that.....Your a good man to slave over top of the hot grill on those hot summer days... 148829500